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Just wondering really, what is the safest maximum hp a k03s turbo can safely operate and use please? It's not a case of how much it can handle, it is how much it will produce The question should be what is the maximum pressure and air flow the K03S can sustain. At a certain point the diameter of the compressor inlets and outlets limit the amount of gasses that can flow through.

I wouldn't push a K03S past early 20's psi about 1. If it's remapped stage 1 it usually peaks at about 18 or 19psi 1. Are you sure your gauge is in psi and not bar? Does it read vacuum negative figures as well as boost positive? What no pics of something to accompany your post? You've been quiet recently Rob running out of ideas for things? Its how much boost it can handle, not the power it can produce.

Its all about the hardware and mapping of your setup. Like mine i only got bhp as my cat is stock!

DIY: Adjusting the Turbo Wastegate / Preload for More / Less Boost

But i dont have for a milltek cat and zorst and a decat is a no no. I wouldn't invest in any more horses for my VRS, without first investing in some serious handling upgrades. I love my VRS as it is now; with the stock map, and the horded it felt a little 'under potential' but mapped, it's a phenomenal all round car. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. It's easy!

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Thread starter ThunderBunny20 Start date Apr 14, ThunderBunny20 Seasoned Vet. I dropped my car off at the dealership and asked them to look at a n airbag fault message for me and when I scanned the car I also recieved a low boost code and a code for the intake manifold runner stuck open. The servie person I spoke with said that they have had someone who had an aftermarket cold air DV exhaust and tuning that blew up there turbo.

Is this possible to have too much boost with the KO3 and have this happen or is this just one time only? He had said that the shrapnel form the blown up turbo cut into the block and messed up the pistons and went into the intercooler as well so the whole engine needed to be replaced.

Also he had called me back about a low fuel pressure reading and that I am actually running low on boost so that will be more issues I have to deal with. Location A Garage in Maryland. Good Luck with that adventure. So you've either been running the car low on oil, consistently, however that would be indicated by excessive cam follower wear and or you just got a weak oem unit.

Granted, I don't expect mine to last forever with the punishment it see's either, but not to the point I start ingesting shrapnel! Good Luck. ThunderBunny20 said:. Location East of queens west of hamptons. What dealer are you talking about? Ready to race! ViRtUaLheretic said:. Spike to 30 psi? WTF, are you high? Sounds like BS to me. When I went to dealer for flap motor recall, they said they cannot do reflash, because of my noise pipe delete, and also I can loose my warranty because of that.

I just went to another dealer. Location Columbia, SC. BartekPL Ready to race! Boost gauge is probably a little off. Location Seattle, WA.Log in or Sign up. This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More. Dismiss Notice. Cookies Snack.

ko3 turbo stock boost

Stock boost? Does anyone know what the stock boost on a 1. Mine only boosts at 8! Is there something wrong? A3TomOct 27, Nope my cars an aum so should have a k03s as standard.

Whats the in your sig then? Im sure bill or welly will be able to shed some light on this. Or do a google search and it will come up with uk mk4's forum theres bound ton be proof on there. Last edited: Oct 27, I genuinely thought KO3S cars were all bhp! So no need for me to go and 'prove' what you're saying is right you touchy little thing! A3TomOct 28, Just thought id try explain Its the auq engine that usual is the bhp version. Found in golf mk4 anni's and dare i say a3 quattro's??View My Garage.

Most turbos in India I guess. The best part is that, you can increase or decrease the boost, and hence increase or decrease the power of your turbocharged vehicle at home, with just a spanner and a plier.

What all you can do: Increase the max boost at higher rpms. Decrease the max boost. Zero Boost. Bypass the turbocharger.

Maximum possible boost. Given below is an illustration of how you can adjust the preload setting of your turbocharger.

Mine is a 2. Usually in a Turbo: And, Usually what happens in a turbocharger is: The boost is built up in the compressor, and the black pipe, which can be called the boost sensor? More boost, more pushing down the rod. Pushing down the rod means opening the wastegate valve.

Opening the waste gate valve creates a bypass way for the exhaust gases to escape, without doing work on the turbine wheel. Hence, the compressor fins doesnt turn, and boost drops. When boost drops, the rod is pushed up by the spring which again closes the wastegate valve, and hence now, exhaust gases have to escape by doing work on the turbine wheel, which inturn builds up the boost.

Hence, by this wastegate mechanism one can decide on what max boost one can run. Now, the adjustment: Remove the pin or circlip which holds the rod to the valve.

Loosen the nut shown in the figure below. Now, y ou can turn the rod to increase and decrease its length. What all you can do: Decrease the maximum boost: By increasing the length of the rod, you can reduce the preload which means, lesser boost is required to open the wastegate valve.

And hence, lesser maximum boost.Forums New posts Search forums. Media New media New comments Search media. Resources Latest reviews Search resources. Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts.

Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter hinrichs Start date Oct 1, DJGonzo Veteran Member. VNT for the win! Im sure other people more knowledgeable than me will chime in. I thought about the hybrid upgrade but the stocker is still in there I am not sold on the VNT conversion as well.

Having a fixed vane wastegate turbo and being able to drive the car like a diesel low rpm and using the torque and not have to worry about the vanes jamming is right up my alley. Frankencar Veteran Member.

Well since my turbo is just about blown, I need to make up my mind It's hard to say tho since the car is kind of my toy since it's in my cabrio but soon it will have to be my daily, I just want a little more power than I have now without all the work to get it running again.

I like the bolt on part of the hybrid which is prolly what I will go with unless I need to save the money and go with the stock for a little over Admittedly, I mechanically adjusted boost from 17 to 21 psi. But one can argue that the hybrid is more robust and better suited for handling 21 psi than the stock turbo.

VNT Swap The conversions I've seen were "works in progress. I wouldn't recommend one as a performance upgrade only. But I certainly consider it a good move for anyone in need of a replacement bolt-on WG turbo. Stealth TDI said:. Last edited: Sep 4, JFettig Vendor. Those prices are about the current going rates see idpartshowever: Delete the EGR and use the N18 valve in place of the N75 - free Delete the MAF via tune - free arguably a custom tune.Tags: boost engine max stock.

ko3 turbo stock boost

Most Liked Posts. RedMamie New Member. Please don't get testy with me because I didn't search the forum and this info is out there somewhere. I did search the forum, and couldn't find what I needed. I have a Mini Cooper S and I need to know what the max boost that I can run on stock fuel system is. If I worded that oddly, I apologize. I am not car savvy. My BF will really be the one benefitting from your replies. He just refuses to do the research since it's my car. DneprDave Well-Known Member.

The stock S map limits boost to 10psi.

ko3 turbo stock boost

I believe I am already getting slightly more than that. With a manual boost controller, what is the highest psi I can run without destroying my car? Nathan Founder. Don't worry, we won't tell you to use the search, we are not like that here.

Is the ko4 Turbo upgrade worth it for your 1.8T?

Besides, the built in search kinda sucks. I'm not sure on the boost numbers, there is also an overboost function for short periods. Like x 2 List. MCS02 Moderator. I'm a Gen1 guy so I can't help. But here we do not tell people to do a search. We will answer the question or give you a link. If someone tells you to do a search we will hunt them down and draw and quarter them.

Like x 3 List. Metalman Well-Known Member. Apok New Member. Jun 15, 0 Sadly, finance. The most boring job in the world.

Like x 4 List. No fair. You promised me a Prius. It's on the boards for all to see. Nancy Grace will be in contact with you shortly. Like x 1 List. New Member. Thats truly heinous! I'm suing you guys on behalf of all R56 owners and all future F56 owners for mental cruelty, poor posture and assault with a deadly weapon--uncontrollable halitosis.What I mean here is; what kind of investment is needed per every Hp you will get.

As I always say, there is no better investment for starters than a properly developed performance software.

ko3 turbo stock boost

Let me explain! Installing a performance software will give you an extra 50hp on your 1. Check Prices. It starts to get more expensive. Bringing your car to hp and lbs or torque may sound like fun and in the same time please take the time to consider the following. Some may forget, but you will also need to do some transmission work in order to hold this power together.

Once again, the cost of installation is not included in the price. Get yourself a GT28rs turbo kit also called the eliminator kit or the disk potato turbo. You will also need the following:. It is actually cheaper per HP to do the Gt28rs turbo upgrade than the Ko4 turbo kit.

A question that comes up pretty often, is weather or not to rebuild the engine when doing the GT28rs turbo upgrade. I also noticed that installing a limited slip differential made the car much more drivable, so if you have the extra cash, get one installed.

If you have more coins and want the ultimate 1. All these tuning options do apply to your Audi A4 as well. Some may consider an audi a4 turbo kit and once again, I think that your best option is either a simple software upgrade of the GT28rs setup. If you are on a budget, you can also choose to go progressively which at the end will cost you more money but will allow you to get the intake, the exhaust and all the other small modifications before dropping in the big turbo or the ko4 turbo.

For those of you that still want to get a ko4 Turbo kit, I do believe it is a safe and reliable choice. It allows you to keep your car looking OEM and gives you that huge increase in power out of your Volks or Audi while avoiding going into larger modifications.

They are properly engineered and design to last a long time even when boosted up. So please save yourself some time and money and avoid the mistakes I made by spending a little extra and getting the Borg Warner Turbo. Just avoid the hassle and go with what was tested and what works! When ordering your ko4 turbo kit, you want to make sure your kit is designed for your specific car for proper fitment.

Question I have an Audi TT 1. Will the GTr turbo work on it?

k03 boost levels

It will work for sure! Just the need to make sure it will fit your engine layout. Is your car a Quatro? Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Email Address. Is the ko4 Turbo upgrade worth it for your 1.

How to Setting easy Turbo K03/K04 (Wastegate Setting) Audi s3,Seat,VW,Skoda...

Osmany on May 21, at am.

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